Banlangen Keli
Heat clearing and detoxifying. For viral infections, anti-bacterial, anti-virus, anti-endotoxin, anti-inflammatory and to enhance immune functions...
50g box 7.50
2 box 12.95
Yinqiao Jiedu Wan
Heat clearing and detoxifying. For the common cold, influenza, meningitis, pneumonia, mumps, measles, rubella, herpes angina, acute pharyngitis...
30g box 7.50
3 box 17.95
Tongxuan Lifei Pian
Relieving, cold-dispelling, smooth the lungs. For the common cold, cough, fever, chest tightness, stuffy runny nose, headache, physical pain...
40 tablet box 8.50
2 box 15.95
To strengthen the function of detoxification and remove toxins from the body. Tonifying qi, activating blood and purging toxic materials.
60 capsule box 32.95
3 box course 89.95
Banlangen Keli for Anti Virus and Detoxification.jpg Yinqiao Jiedu Wan Chinese Medicine.jpg Tongxuan Lifei Pian Herbal Medicine.jpg
Shihu Mingmu Wan
To nourish the kidneys, remove liver toxicity and reduce heat. Mydriasis, night blindness, unclear vision, lancinating, dizziness, mental fatigue...
100g box 8.95
3 box 19.95
Shihu Mingmu Wan.jpg
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Anti-Virus and Detoxification

Traditional Chinese Medicine uses the antioxidants in herbs for detoxifying and strengthening the body against diseases. They protect cells from free radicals and have anti-virus / anti-bacterial properties to help restore the body's reserves.
Hugan Pian
Liver detoxification. For acute and chronic viral hepatitis, fatty liver, alcohol liver disease, autoimmune hepatitis, drug-induced hepatitis...
100 tablets 8.50
4 box course 29.95
Hugan Pian.jpg Paidu Yangyan Jiaonang.jpg
Paidu Yangyan Jiaonang
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