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200 tablet box
Gui Pi Wan
Manufacturer : Hunan Jiuzhitang Pharmaceutical
Packing : 200 tablet box
Pharmaceutical Ingredients : Chinese Herbal
Product Category : Heart and Circulation
Code CS0241
3 box course
Code CS3241
Pinyin name, Gui Pi Wan.

Functions and Indications : Improve blood circulation and soothe the nerves. For deficiency of the heart and spleen, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, insomnia and poor sleep, dizziness, limb fatigue, loss of appetite.

Ingredients : Dangshen, atractylodes(speculation), sunburn astragalus, poria, polygala(system),
suanzaoren(speculation), longan meat, angelica, costus, jujube, zhigancao.

Usage : Oral, take 8 - 10 pills with warm water, 2 - 3 times a day.

Notes :
Do not take at the same time as eating difficult to digest or oily foods.
Cold or fever patients should not take.
Have high blood pressure, heart disease, liver disease, diabetes, kidney disease or other serious chronic diseases should be taken under the guidance of a doctor.
Children, pregnant women, lactating women, should be taken under the guidance of a doctor.
Medication four weeks without symptoms eased, should seek doctors advice.
Allergic to the ingredients use with caution.
Children must be used under adult guidance.
As with all medicines, interactions may occur if taken at the same time as other drugs. If taking at the same time as other drugs please seek your doctors advice.

Packing : Sealed bottle 200 tablets.

Approval License Number : Z43020464.

Manufacturers website :