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Detailed Specification
20g capsule box
Zhike Jiangtang Jiaonang
Manufacturer : Beijing Tongrentang Pharmaceutical
Packing :20g capsule box
Pharmaceutical Ingredients : Traditional Chinese Medicine
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Product Category : Medical Diseases
Code PT0502
3 box course
Code PT3502
Chinese Pinyin Name : Zhike Jiangtang Jiaonang

Product Category : Medical Diseases.

Functions : For the supportive treatment of diabetes, caused by deficiency of both vital energy and yin, deficiency of spleen and kidney, improve the symptom marked by thirst, polydipsia, insatiable hunger, polyuria, dry stool, fatigue, palpitation and insomnic, soreness of the waist and knees, spontaneous perspiration, night sweat, dysphoria with feverish sensation in chest, etc.

Ingredients : Ginseng, Astragalus, Chinese yam, dogwood, pig pancreatic powder, TCS.

Properties : The product is a capsule, the contents of brown to dark brown powder; gas fishy, taste bitter and sour.

Indication : Qi Yin, nourishing spleen. For Qi and Yin Deficiency, spleen and kidney deficiency permits the adjuvant treatment of diabetes can improve the thirsty to drink, consumer Valley Bulimia, urine will be dry, malaise, fatigue, palpitations, insomnia, weak waist, spontaneous sweating and other symptoms.

Dosage : Orally, take 3 capsules 3 times a day.

Taboo : During pregnancy, medication only under the guidance of a doctor.

Specification : 0.5g per capsule.

Storage : Sealed, cool and dry place.

Package : Aluminum panels, 10 capsules per bag x 4 bag box.

License approval number : Zhunzi B20020661.
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