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Detailed Specification
30g tablet box
Niuhuang Qingxin Wan
Manufacturer : Beijing Tongrentang Pharmaceutical
Packing :30g tablet box
Pharmaceutical Ingredients : Traditional Chinese Medicine
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Product Category : Medical Diseases
Code PT0505
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Chinese Pinyin Name : Niuhuang Qingxin Wan.

English Name : Bezoar Sedative Pill.

Function: Clear liver and blood heat, open heart orifices, disipate heart-phlegm, restore consciousness. Used for loss of consciousness or delerium due to fever, or for prolonged high fever with signs of restlessness, convulsions, tetany or cramping. Used for encephalitis and brain fevers, to treat sequel of arm, leg or facial paralysis, stroke, speech impairment, dizziness.

Information : Niuhuang Qingxin Wan helps to maintain the health and well-being of the heart spleen, stomach, muscles and blood. It also promotes calm and relaxation. Niuhuang Qingxin Wan is a traditionally prepared Chinese health product from a prescription of Taiping Benevolent Dispensary in the Song dynasty. In the Qing dynasty, it was adjusted and became a secret formula of the Qing palace. Through over 200 years of clinical practice, it has proven to be safe and effective.. After clinical investigations, the Ministry of Public Health of China had listed it as a protected type of Chinese health preparations.

Clinical Application Niuhuang Qingxin Wan :
  1. Effect on the cardiovascular system : The product can lower myocardial oxygen consumption, improve myocardial oxygen metabolism, mitigate the myocardial ischemic injury, and improve the local myocardial tension in the site of myocardial ischemia.
  2. Effect on the cerebrovascular system : The product can speed up the microcirculation in the cerebral pia mater, increase cerebral blood flow and improve cerebral microcirculation.

Main Ingredients : Chinese Yam, Licorice Root, Lebebouriellae Root, Atractylodis, Lancea Root, Panax Ginseng Root, Hoelen Seed, White Peony Root, Cinnamon, Platycodon Root, Scutellaria Root, Angelicae Root, Ginger Root, Ophiopogon Herb, Ampelopsis Root, Calculus, Cornu Saigae, Tataricae, Moschus, Macrocephalae(stir-frying with bran) Sinensis, Paeoniae Alba Bupleuri, Zingiberis Colla, Corii Asini, Platycodonis.

Usage and Dosage : Take 1 to 2 pills per day. Remove the wax ball from the unit box. Squeeze the wax ball to open and remove the pill.

Package: 30g tablet box.