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Detailed Specification
2.5g x 25 tea bag
Bi-SO Lose Weight Tea
Manufacturer : Beijing Health Products
Packing : 2.5g x 20 tea bags box
Ingredients : Chinese Herbal
Product Category : Chinese Tea
Code SS0561
Name : Bi-SO Lose Weight Tea.

Functions and Indications : Bi-SO leptins to promote the transformation and decomposition of fat. Convert stubborn fat cells to energy and eliminate oil from the body through decomposition.

Ingredients : Green tea, honeysuckle, cassia seed, lotus leaf, gynostemma, pentaphyllum, hawthorn, honey.

Ingredient Functions :
Green tea, for detoxification, reduce blood fat.
Pentaphyllum, to adjust blood pressure and lipid metabolism.
Lotus leaf, for heat and dampness, manufacture saliva, aid digestion and reduce fat absorption.
Hawthorn, for digestion of food and anti stagnation, the activities of the blood and disperse blood stasis, has lowering blood pressure and blood fat role.
Cassia, to clear liver heat and diuresis, lower blood pressure, blood fat, lose weight effect.
Honey, to nourish the spleen, moisten the lungs, detoxification, the protection of the liver, the role of hypolipidemic.
Honeysuckle, clear heat and detoxification, lower plasma cholesterol.

Usage : Twice a day, brew 1 bag in boiling water for 5-8 minutes. For best results drink 150 mil
before or with meals, top-up with a further 150 mil of boiling water and drink half an hour after meal. Do not use more than 300 mil of water. Try to avoid eating cold food within one hour.

Inappropriate : During pregnancy and breast-feeding women.

Packing : 2.5g x 20 tea bag box.

Storage : Keep sealed.
2.5g x 75 tea bag
Code SS3561
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