Detailed Specification
Tiaojing Cuyun Wan
Manufacturer : Beijing Tongrentang Pharmaceutical
Packing : Compound film bag 5g 10 bags.
Pharmaceutical Ingredients : Chinese Herbal
Product Category : Women's Health
Pinyin Name :Tiaojing Cuyun Wan.

Product Category : Women's Health.

Functions and Indications : Major role in regulating the endocrine. Improve the function of the female reproductive system. Improve the reproductive system immunity against infection from pathogenic organisms. Regulate the female endocrine, induce normal ovulation into the egg follicles to stimulate and improve the luteal phase. Promote blood circulation, dissolving tubal adhesions to promote tubal smoothness. Enhanced uterine oxygen supply, improve the implantation rate. Nourishing blood to regulate menstruation. Hypomenorrhea, pregnancy secondary amenorrhea, poor luteal function, spleen and kidney yang syndrome.

Main Ingredients : Velvet (to Mao) Epimedium (SSN) Dipsacus Curculigo Loranthaceae medlar Cuscuta Chinese yam Raspberries Lotus seeds (to heart) White peony root Poria Astragalus Suanzaoren (fried) Radix Salvia Uncaria Millettla.

Properties: The product is tan water pill, sweet, slightly bitter.

Usage and Dosage: Oral, each time take 5g bag (50 tablets) with water, twice a day, starting from the fifth day of menstruation, for a period of 20 days. Please note, a minimum course of 20 days is required for this product. A full course of 60 days is recommended or as directed by your doctor.

Specifications: Weight 10g per 100 tablets.

Package: Sealed compound film bag, 5g 10 bags.

Storage : Keep sealed and placed in a cool dry place.

Approval Number : Yaozhun Zi Z11020027.

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